Each nation has her own peculiar incorporation prerequisites and methodology – so does Nigeria. In Nigeria, there are different types of business structures to browse. The choice on which business element to look over will rely upon your tax and ownership considerations, and industry as well as government necessities. The recognized business entities are mentioned below.

  • Business Name (Sole Proprietorship & Partnership)
  • Private Limited Liability Company (LLC/LTD)
  • Public Limited Liability Company (PLC)
  • Unlimited Company (ULtd)
  • Limited by Guarantee (Gte)
  • Incorporated Trustee
  • Incorporation of Wholly-Owned Foreign Company/Representative Office
  • Incorporation of Joint Ventures

The last choice you need to make is to draw in an individual or organization that does not completely understand how incorporation and compliance function in Nigeria.

At Internethood EL Limited, our specialists start by investigating the individual customer requirements and guarantee that their proposed companies are appropriately incorporated at the nation’s registry, which is The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). We additionally guarantee that all licenses and permits are secured, progressively.

To start a company, you should have the accompanying data below prepared,

  1. The Proposed Company Names and Registered Address.
  2. Directors and Secretary Details.
  3. Share Capital and Shareholder Details.
  4. Identification Documents of Directors & Shareholders
  5. Proficiency Certificates (where applicable)
  6. Memorandum & Articles of Association.
  7. Payment.

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